C. M. College, Darbhanga


The National Service Scheme(N.S.S.) is designed to provide a platform for students to engage in socially useful,productive activities.Work done under the aegis of NSS will reflect on their in built sensitivity and sensibility level.The NSS inculcates qualities of leadership and drive in the very significant areas of social dynamism. The NSS unit was established in the college way back in 1976-77,thanks to the tireless efforts of then Principal Late Dr.Shachinath Mishra.At present there are two units of the NSS for the students of Arts and Copmmerce and a third unitr exclusively for girls in the pipeleine.Students desirous of joining the NSS can apply in the prescribed form obtainable from the Programme Officer(s).Students enrolled in the NSS are expected to assist the civil society in emergency situations like flood,cyclone,epidemics,communal riot,warfare,fire etc. Students enrolled in thew N.C.C. are not entitle to enrollment in the N.S.S.

NSS Co-ordinator
Unit-1 Dr.Dinesh Gupta ,Mob.9431451385
Unit-2 Dr.Narayan Jha,Mob.9431421457